1. Every person who jumps on our trampolines must first provide a valid/signed a Jump Space waiver.
  2. Those under 18 must have the waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.
  3. Those under 8 years old must be accompanied and looked after by parent or legal guardian.
  4. The child(ren) under 5 years can not enter trampoline zone alone. Supervision of the parent ir legal guardian over 18 is required.
  5. Trampoline park do not provide child(ren) care services.
  6. No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted on the trampolines.
  7. Do not jump if you are pregnant or have other health limitations.
  8. Customers may not sit or lie on the trampolines. Exit the trampolines if you need to rest.
  9. Pushing, wrestling, tackling, running, racing, playing tag, and horseplay of any kind is strictly forbidden.
  10. Customers may not touch, climb, lean, or hang on to any of the top pads or netting inside the trampoline areas.
  11. Always jump and land on two feet and never jump or land on the padding. Never land on your head.
  12. If you’re falling, try to bring your arms, legs, and head into a ball position.
  13. Only one person is allowed per jumping surface.
  14. No double flips or flips or tricks over the pads. Single flips are permitted.
  15. No belt buckles, clothing studs, jewelry, key chains, or sharp objects are permitted on the trampolines.
  16. Only socks are permitted on the trampolines (no shoes).
  17. No food or drink is permitted on the trampolines.
  18. Attempt any skill or activity outside of your personal limitations, abilities or skill level.
  19. No jumping, sitting, or standing in the padded areas.
  20. Do not attempt any tricks you have not been trained to do. It is dangerous!
  21. Jump Space trampoline park instructor have right ask to leave trampoline area without possibility of coming back according safety rules braking frequency and other circumstances (causing danger for your own and others health).

Additional foam pit safety rules

1. DO NOT land on head or neck. No diving!

2. DO NOT enter foam pit until the landing area is clear.

3. Always one jumper at a time per trampoline line.

4. NO double or back flips.

5. DO NOT play with foam cubes, do not hide under them.

6. Empty your pockets before jumping to the foam pit.

7. After landing in the foam pit, leave foam pit as soon as possible.

It is recommended to wear socks with rubberized tread when jumping. Such socks gives stability on the trampoline and reduce the likelihood of an ankle injury

Waiver over 18  – print here

Waiver under 18  – print here

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