Jump Space Riga – the first 1600 m2 trampoline park in Latvia.

Come and try :

  • the only one and biggest trampoline platform;
  • three foam pits with different activities;
  • walking and fighting beam;
  • climbing wall;
  • platforms for tricks or resting;
  • good mood and unforgettable experience.

Unforgettable birthday party in Jump Space

Birthday – only once a year, so let’s celebrate it with fun, special and unforgettable.

Jump Space trampoline park – it’s a great place to celebrate your special day in an unusual anti-gravitational environment.

Birthdays, depending on the day of the week, cost from 80 € to 120 €. The birthday includes:

  • private celebration room (adapted to 15 people) 2 hours. rent, where celebrate, eat and have fun just your company;
  • 15 bracelets, allowing use trampolines hall 2 hours. jointly with other visitors;
  • warm-up exercises and short jumping rules briefing with instructor;
  • invitations to guests (invitations examples you can see in our photo gallery). You can print out your invitation here:

Print the invitation and No.1;

Print the invitation and No.2;

Print the invitation and No.3;

Print the invitation and No.4;

  • printed birthday invitations can be purchased for an additional fee. The price of 1 pcs. is 0,20 € in trampoline park administration.

It is allowed  to bring your food, snacks and drinks (NO alcohol) . Asfter disposable tableware cares celebration clients.

Party space lease terms and conditions can be found here.

We recommend to wear comfortable clothes and socks with rubberized tread when jumping. Socks cost 2 €. Such socks gives stability on the trampoline and reduce the likelihood of an ankle injury. It is allowed to bring your own socks if you have ones.

All adult participants of the event who wants to use trampolines must sign the waver, those who under 18 – deliver a waver signed by parent or guardian.

Adults warm-up is essential if you want to use trampolines. Please warn-up your ankles (springing, twisting circle exercises, etc.) Because it is the most common injury for adults or those who has overweight when  jumping on the trampoline.

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