After opening the first trampoline park in Lithuania on 2014, now we invite you come and try to fly in Jump Space Riga – the first 1600 m2 trampoline park in Latvia.

Come and try :

  • the only one and biggest trampoline platform;
  • three foam pits with different activities;
  • walking and fighting beam;
  • climbing wall;
  • platforms for tricks or resting;
  • A good mood and unforgettable experience.

Extreme fun is important to us but so is the safety of our guests. When installing trampoline park we did all we can to ensure that you and your children will have maximum fun with maximum safety. With court supervisors on the floor at all times, heavy duty spring loaded frames covered by 10 cm safety pads, Jump Space trampoline park combines fun and safety in all areas to create a family fun experience like no other.

There is limited number of visitors at the same time, a warm-up is held to provide them with safe jumping rules, it is recommended to wear special socks.

In Jump Space arena we offer children and adults to enjoy unrivaled high jumps and joy flights. It can be enjoyed at any age, type or physical abilities – because the jump – it is freedom…
We are for an active lifestyle, active entertainment and sports. Jump Space aim to infect computers and televisions adhering children and adults to jump virus that will move every piece of your body …
Jump Space vision – to become an attractive and favorite outdoor place where to spend healthy, useful and fun time for the body both for professional athletes and extreme sports (Parkour tricking’o, snowboarding, etc.) Enthusiasts and all active recreation and entertainment buffs.
Our mission – to attract and engage young people active, sporty, healthy activities and lifestyles.

Trampoline Health Benefits

Jumping on the trampoline in Jump Space trampoline park or in your backyard – it’s not just a fun pastime but also a huge health benefits – regular jumping on the trampoline strengthens bones, cartilage, joints, increases bone density. Buoyancy force when we jumped up and rebounce on the trampoline, strengthened by each cell of the body, every organ of the body. Strong cells – the immune system is strong, resistant to a broad range of diseases. Jumping on a trampoline – a fun exercise which currently loses a lot of stress or back roads. Jumping on the trampoline beneficial for the whole family – from the smallest to the chief …

By the way, did you know that the US space agency NASA issued a statement over the world to jump on the trampoline – is the best fitness exercise more effective than jogging or running on the track. Even NASA astronauts prepare for complex missions, train on the trampoline.

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